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If you are considering building an exclusive property in this region, then be sure to contact us for a first-class service.

We are building various properties and would be pleased to show you a selection of new homes that are at various stages of construction.

Our experts are there to discuss your requirements and design your tailored home.

Choose from a Spanish traditional build to a modern villa or a mixture of both; we have many different designs available.

Prices include plot of land*, complete with all infrastructure including pavements and service connections.

These properties can also be built in other locations and on other plots of land.

We have a selection of approved building plots available.

Villas can be adapted to your personal requirements. Layouts, distribution and finishing’s can be personally selected. Design your own property.

We can convert your existing property to a modern minimalistic style.

We have our in-house architect, designer and decorator at your service but you are free to choose your own.


Check out our general building memorandum below:



Cleaning and clearing of the plot. Performing drilling for the geotechnical report that will determine the qualities and strength of the soil of the plot.

Refit and excavation of foundation trenches to firm ground, with refining of walls and bottom, with transport of land to the landfill, by mechanical and manual means.

Supervision, depth and set out to be carried out by the Facultative Direction.


Grounding: Laying on the clean ditches of the ground conductor wiring made up of bare copper braided cable, 35 mm² section and ground pickaxe.

Cleaning concrete: Placement of a 10cm thick slab of HN-15 / B / 20 cleaning concrete for the placement on the surface of the reinforcement determined by the optional direction.

Foundations of concrete slabs: Foundation of reinforced concrete slab HA-25 / B / 20 / La according to the calculation and certified by the Faculty Management and determined according to the geotechnical project carried out to that effect in the field.

Foundation of bracing: Foundation of insulated shoes linked by reinforced concrete struts HA-25 / B / 20 / IIa according to the calculation and certified by the Faculty.


Load walls: formed by blocks of grey concrete approved blocks of 40 x 20 x 20 cm. Closed with cement mortar at the joints. The coronations of the walls, will carry a perimetric reinforcement of prefabricated pieces in the form of "u" and full of reinforced concrete, on which the forged ones will support. All corners, encounters and supports, will be massive with reinforced concrete. On the straps will be placed sheets of asphalt fabric of density 4 kg / m2 to cut the rise of capillary humidity.

Sanitary forging: The space between the foundation and the first forged (sanitary forging) will have an average height of 60 cm. Of the natural terrain and will be ventilated with pre-fabricated concrete parts.

In the habitable basement, there will be a sanitary slab for better waterproofing.

Pillars: pillars of reinforced concrete or metallic according to the design and calculation of the Architect.

Unidirectional slabs: supported on load-bearing walls or concrete beams, formed by prestressed and self-resistant concrete beams with 18 cm of edge, concrete slabs, compression layer of 5 cm of reinforced concrete with rods for the negatives and electro-welded on the entire surface of the floor.

All according to the architect's calculation and according to the technical building code.


Facade cladding: The enclosures in loading walls will be sandwich 35 cm thick formed by: On the outside of blocks of grey concrete approved blocks of 40x20x20 cm thick with waterproof outer coating of waterproof cement mortar dosed ready to paint. In the interior chamber with thermal and acoustic insulation of extruded polystyrene 10 cm thick. On the inside, hollow ceramic brick wall 7 cm thick and coated with cast plaster.

Interior partitioning: It will be realized with partitions of ceramic bricks of double hollow of 7 cm of thickness taken with mortar and coated with plaster projected, except in bathrooms that will be covered with ceramic tile in all its height.


Non-passable flat roof: Formation of non-passable flat roof with lightweight concrete (Arlita) forming slopes of 3.5%, double-layer asphalt sheet of 4kg / m2, thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene 10 cm thick, protection felt of the same, in the upper part and covered with rounded stone.


Exterior carpentry: The carpentry will of aluminium, colour to chosen by the client and aluminium security shutters on the bedroom windows.

The joinery will have a thermal bridge break and will be composed of windows and sliding or folding balcony doors according to the design of the house. The folding windows will have a leaf swinging system.

Exterior glass: The safety glass comprises of double laminated glass of 4 + 4mm, air chamber of 12 mm and inner glass of 6 mm. Total = (8 + 12 + 6) mm. In the toilets and bathrooms one of the windows will be semi-translucent of the CARGLAS type.

Main entrance door: The entrance door will be shielded from the GARDESA brand. The door has an inner shielding panel and a triple security lock. The structure and the frame of the door is metallic and the exterior panel is of aluminium in colour or natural wood, to be chosen by the client. The interior panel of the door is of wood in colour and design to be chosen by the client.


Doors of passage: The doors of passage will be smooth doors lacquered in white and with rubber stoppers for better enclosure. The cranks of these doors will be finished with chrome and rosette. Wardrobes: The built-in sliding wardrobes will carry the doors in glass or wood at the customer's choice. The cabinets will be lined in the interior with laminated wood in linen finish and will have a shelf and hanging bar.


Kitchen furniture: Furniture made of high and low cabinets with smooth doors lacquered in colour at the customer's choice and combined with natural wood at the customer's choice.

The worktop bench will be of Silestone or Corian of 3 cm thickness and with perimetric plate. Colour to choose by the client.


Appliances: The kitchen will be equipped with household appliances composed of:

Cooker hood: Bosch decorative hood design 90 cm wide AN model: 4242002768991 or similar.

Bosch electric induction hob 80 cm wide, model EAN: 4242002849249 or similar.

Oven compact multifunction pyrolytic black glass and stainless steel, model: EAN: 4242002808529 or similar.

Sink of stainless steel of a sine of 70 cm of width and embedded in the worktop.

The kitchen tap will be single-handle GROHE.


The pavement will be placed on a layer of self-levelling mortar of 5 cm, taken with mortar glue specific for this type of pavement.

Interior paving: Interior paving of porcelain stoneware at the customer's choice and valued at 30 € / m2 PVP.

Outdoor floor: Porcelain stoneware exterior pavement at the customer's choice and valued at 30 € / m2 PVP.

Tiling: Tiled in bathrooms and toilets of porcelain stoneware at the customer's choice and valued at 30 € / m2 PVP.


Exterior plastering: The exterior covering of the dwelling will be of mortar of hydrophobic concrete metered and placed with mesh.

There will be two layers of plaster, one for the mastering and placement of meshes with metered cement mortar and a second in fine mega GECOL mortar for a perfect fine finish.

The smooth finish will be painted with three layers of first quality waterproof plastic paint.

Interior plaster: The inner walls will be made of cast plaster and hand mastered in good sight, with corners of PVC. Ceilings where plasterboard is not necessary will also be gypsum plasters.

Plaster: Plasterboard placings will be placed on the bathrooms and kitchen ceilings and where necessary for the installation of sanitation and air conditioning ducts.


Thermal and acoustic insulation: The thermal and acoustic insulation will be placed on all the walls and walls that give the outside and in all the decks and terraces.

For vertical walls 10 cm extruded polystyrene insulation will be placed. of thickness.

In the flat roofs, extruded polyurethane specific for these cases and defined in the cover chapter will be placed.

Waterproofing: All decks and terraces will be waterproofed with double-layer asphalt fabric of 4 kg / m2. The load walls will be waterproofed with asphalt fabric in its upper part to support the beams of the first floor.

Once finished the waterproofing in the terraces, these will be flooded for a week, for later verification of the sealing thereof.


Installation: The general network of hot and cold water will be of conducts of polyethylene crosslinked according to regulations in force and properly dimensioned and covered with plastic tubes. The facilities will be embedded in the walls and covered with plaster.

Hot water: The house will be equipped with a VAILLANT solar collector to heat the sanitary water. This solar collector will be placed at the top of the roof according to the new technical building code regulation. You will also have on the ground floor a VAILLANT hot water tank with a capacity of 250 l.

Drains: Each sanitary installation will have a siphon. The pipes of the drains will be PVC approved according to UNE series B. The drains will go to a connection that will be connected to a purifier of total oxidation according to the requirements of the City.

Toilets: The toilets will be suspended with built-in tank of the Villeroy & Bosch brand and subway series.

Washbasins: The bathrooms and toilets will have a bathroom cabinet with drawers in different models and colours. The measurements of the bathroom furniture will be according to the design of the house.

Shower trays: Shower trays will be Fiora brand made to measure according to the layout and design of each bathroom.

Taps: Taps in bathrooms and kitchen will be mono-controlled Grohe brand or similar.

The showers will have a complete shower kit from the Rainshower series.

The taps in the wash basins will be of the series Lineare.

The single handle tap in the kitchen sink will be from the Minta series.


Grounding: The housing will be provided with protection a grounding composed of bare copper cable of 35 mm section for the formation of a closed circuit, which will go under the foundation around the perimeter of the foundation.

Facilities: The housing will have as protection a grounding composed of bare copper cable of 35 mm section for the formation of a closed circuit.

The electrical installation will be according to the electrotechnical regulation of low tension. It will have a power of 13.5, KW single phase and 220 V and will have 6 circuits of different amperes according to the needs of each circuit.

The installation of the housing will consist of a telecommunications circuit, installing a TELEVISION + FM and TELEFONO socket in living room and in all bedrooms.

The TELEFONO network will be connected to the public network. The TV + FM network will have a single installation connected to an antenna on the housing cover.

Mechanisms: The mechanisms will be of the brand JUNG model S990 in white colour and will be distributed according to the plans of the execution project carried out by the facultative management.


Air conditioning: The house will have ducted air conditioning in the living room and in each of the bedrooms.

The air conditioning machines will be inverters with heat pump. The machines will be placed in the false ceilings of plaster registrable of the bathrooms and toilets.

The machines of the brand Mitsubishi Electric.


The central heating of the whole house will be under floor heating and distributed in different phases. The boiler for heating the water will be by electric heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric.


Interior paint: All interior walls will be painted with three coats of uniformly finished plastic paint.

The base of the painting will be mashed and sanded previously, for a perfect finish of the walls. The interior paint will be plastic and in fine finish in broken white colour.

Exterior paint: The exterior paint will be plastic and anti-damp white or broken according to the project, and will be applied with three hands, on the coating of fine mortar prepared to paint.


Gardening: The house will be equipped with an outdoor garden composed of a natural lawn blanket equipped with sprinkler irrigation.

It will also carry a zone of bushy mass with an anti-root blade covered with gravel.

Wooded: The garden will have exemplary plants distributed according to the design of the garden and composed of palm trees, olive trees, callistemons and shrubs.

Bushes: The garden will have in the perimeter of the plot a hedge of cypress trees equipped with automatic irrigation.

Fences: The plot will be fenced around its perimeter. The front fence to the street will be made of natural stone and will be equipped with a pedestrian gate and a door for car entrance.

The doors will be metallic of modern design.                                          

Concrete flooring: The plot will have an area for car parking composed of a concrete slab printed in dark grey. The exterior driveway of prefabricated slabs.


Pool: The pool will be rectangular with overflowing coronation on two sides, also known as infinity pool. 

The depth of the pool will be sloping, having 1.60 deep in the deepest part and 1.00 deepest in the deepest part.

The construction: case of the pool will be of block of concrete on which the concrete will be projected by wet way on steel armour according to the calculation of the architect.

The reinforcement: will be of double mesh of 6,00 mm and double rod of 8,00 mm in the coronation and in the floor between mesh and mesh will be placed armour of reinforcement of 6,00 mm every 80 cm. Concrete Gunite (MDN400) will be launched with pressure of 30 cm in the floor and 25 cm in walls. Giving a resistance of 300 kg / cm2.

The water purifier: from the pool will have a filter monolayer polyester and fiberglass 600, a purification pump ASTRAL of 1 HP.

Lining: The lining: the pool will be of gresite in blue tones at the customer's choice.

Electrical installation: carry an electrical panel in a plastic box that includes; Clock programmer, counter, thermal relay, fuses and automatic-manual switch. Electrical control panel for level and pump drive, 3 level probes, electro nylon valve and anti-return valve. One under water pool light of 100W is installed.

The above memorandum maybe subject to changes due to availablity and does not form part of any contract.

*This applies to closed offers of new properties that have a plot included.

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